[ 31 Dec 2021 | vol. 9 | no. 2 | pp. 49-64 ]

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Muluken Kassahun Alemu1, Madiha Bencekri2 and Seungjae Lee3*
-1Department of Infrastructure Planning and Development, University of Seoul, South Korea
-2,3Department of Transportation Engineering, University of Seoul, South Korea


Because of the vast majority of commuters movement to and from any large city center rely almost entirely on public transit systems, the city centers fortunes are at stake if the transit systems proved insufficient in sustaining their essential duties. Some countries have well advanced Urban Transit System that can withstand such problems. However, cities of developing countries like Addis Ababa, Ethiopia have no such systems. The current public transportation system of the city has a variety of shortcomings, with governance being one of the most serious. In terms of network coverage/routes, rates, schedules, and facilities. Besides that, the operators are dependent on government subsidies and unable to cover their operational costs. As it is observed in different countries the most appreciated strategy for improving the quality and efficiency of public transit was the implementation of technology in service delivery, such as in fare collection and system integration. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is examining how integrated smart card fare collection system is going to be applicable in Addis Ababa City transportation market and the contributing factors for successful implementation of the technology as way forward for public transit system reform. We conducted Case Studies on smart transportation card, in Seoul (South Korea) and Singapore, based on data collected from company report and literature review on the projects. We then conduct a competitive analysis of the two cases using a conceptual framework SWOT Analysis, to understand the extent to which the barriers and trends that influence the investment.


Smart Card, Fare Collection System, Operator, Business Model, Integration Transit Service


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