[ 30 Sep 2019 | vol. 12 | no. 3 | pp. 1-16 ]

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Bosubabu Sambana1*, Mohan Mahanty2, Molli Srinivasa Rao1 and P.J.V.G. Prakasa Rao1
-1Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Viswanadha Institute of Technology and Management, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India
-2Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Vignan’s Institute of Information Technology, Visakhapatnam


Everywhere throughout the globe a completely 200+ nations are utilized monetary standards for their ads and money related necessities .The present science and innovative arrangement of cash paper note perceive different order intends to finding and sifting, extricates the delicate obvious with utilize multiple case mode comparative already exist eminent imprints recognizes region of interest on existing paper money note for required effective characterization strategies, required currency paper fake note recognition and transformation every module will comparative original source through AI analyzer module supervision examination. We propose another technique for an image segmentation access by embedding sequencing ordering on input-output mapping with feature extraction technique with image separating and preparing procedure to recognizing and match the distinguished information required to analyzed filter operations, required identified picture and the first reference picture, will compilation with text, dimensions, color, bookmarks, font sizes during the execution process, each money note taken a Region of Interest (ROI) on existing currency note condition.
A separated cash picture ROI can be utilized to different example development and acknowledgment procedures and ANN hubs recognizing systems on every module, at once numerous cash notes are distinguished by coordinated with pre processing identified note image then a web or online AI tools will seek based following framework to recognize coordinating procedure is allowed for getting to for their specific timeframe. At first we secure required the cash note by multiple level image scanning on the settled DPI shading, Font size, and dimensions with a required quantity arrangement, the dpi pixels various stages are set to get ordinary picture utilizing picture preparing strategy. Barely any cutting edge picture channels are connected to proposed picture remarkable estimation of required cash take note of, this relegated esteem or images are contrasted and the doled out information sign images to coordinate unique note esteem, at that point a web or online based AI tools getting to technique controls by microcontroller to examine all prerequisite fields and fundamental activities based on Artificial Intelligence approach.


Flat Filters, Currency, Region of Interest, Pattern Recognition, Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, Currency Recognition, Digital Image Processing Techniques. Image Processing, Gray scale Images, Artificial Intelligence


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