[ 31 Mar 2020 | vol. 14 | no. 1 | pp. 49-60]

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Adegoke M. A1, Olaniyi O.M2, Akinboro S.A.1, Uzoka F.M.E.3, Olaniyan O. M.1 and Dopamu O. E.1
-1Department of Computer Science and Technology, Bells University of Technology, Ota, Ogun-State, Nigeria
-2Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Bells University of Technology, Ota, Ogun-State, Nigeria
-3Department of Computer Science and Information System, Mount Royal University, Calgary Canada


The capability of manually manned gate security system in most developing countries is often hampered by the limitations of the security personnel who, after granting access to a physical location, lack the ability to effectively monitor the entrants from the gate. A sinister entrant could cause a serious havoc within the physical location unnoticed and without being caught. One technology for addressing this problem is surveillance camera, where moveable digital cameras are appropriately placed to monitor and record the activities of every entrant within the physical location. In this work, an embedded computer based security and surveillance system is proposed. A smart card is used to generate a unique identifier for every entrant as soon as an entrance to a location is allowed. The proposed system could alert the security personnel of a nefarious activity as it occurs (real time). The smart card based security system is an active, real time, low cost surveillance system that assists in the safeguarding organizational resource by constant facilities monitoring.


Smart card, PIC, Security System, Surveillance, I2C Protocol


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