[ 31 Mar 2021 | vol. 14 | no. 1 | pp. 11-20 ]

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Gasim Othman Alandjani
-Computer Science and Engineering Department. Yanbu University College, Yanbu Industrial City, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


The Internet of Things (IoTs) equipped sensor systems gather data from sensors and analyze it through billions of interconnected devices and smart motes. Due to purpose of deployment easiness and reduced operational cost, wireless sensors are embedded in the IoT networks. However, the issues related to ever increasing security threats and vulnerabilities of networks for various cyber-attacks have led to widespread research interest in this field. Few of the important concerns in wireless sensor networking systems are thrust for low-latency, seamless handoff, connectivity, resilience to vulnerabilities and trustworthiness. The mass scale penetration of IoT systems in society has resulted in an exhaustive data analysis of Edge Computing and Wireless Sensor networks such as security, interoperability, latency, robustness, maintainability, and scalability in real time scenarios. This research aims at providing recent status of protocols and standards in sensor based IoT edge computing networks as well as security threats and deep analysis of vulnerabilities in various daily life IoT applications. Also, the paper discusses the concept of connection redundancy to avoid latency or loss of data and provide seamless data worthiness. Finally, this study provides in-depth analysis of open issues and challenges for leveraging vulnerabilities in smart sensor based IoT systems and edge computing networks.


Internet of Things, IoT Vulnerabilities, Wireless Sensor Networks, Edge Computing Networks


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