[ 31 Dec 2020 | vol. 13 | no. 4 | pp. 1-10 ]

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K. S. Ananda Kumar1*, Balakrishna R2, Prasad A Y3, Bekele Worku4 and Kedir Salih Siraj5
-1,4,5School of Computing & Informatics, College of Engineering & Technology, Dilla University, Dilla, Ethiopia
-2Department of CSE, Rajarajeswari College of Engineering, Bangalore-560074, India
-3Department of CSE, ACS College of Engineering, Bangalore-560074, India


Now a days, with the increasing number of people using smart phone their needs are also increasing day by day and as well the problems also. Among those problems in this system trying to resolve three problems in this work which are Vehicle theft, traffic monitoring and bus tracking system. Popular modern navigation systems currently on the market (Google Maps Navigation) do not support any features for identifying the current location of the bus. FM Radios are the only source which gives us the information about traffic. This system cannot assure that each and every person gets traffic updates through FM. As of now there is no high security for vehicles except Branded cars. The security measures include central locking system. In this proposed system user gets the information regarding arrival and departure time along with bus route number, current location to reach the required destination. In this system suggested to the user about the Traffic jam along with photographs from the particular signal so, that they can avoid that route and take an alternative route. When the vehicle is started confirmation message goes to owner and from the application itself he can control the operation of vehicle and the Photograph of person who is riding is captured and sent to the owner and he/she can monitor the location of the vehicle continuously along with voice alarm.


Bus Tracking, General Purpose Radio System, Global Positioning System, Traffic Monitoring, Vehicle Theft, Wireless Monitoring System


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