[ 31 Mar 2020 | vol. 9 | no. 1 | pp. 19-28 ]

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Luh Mitha Priyanka1*, Insih Wilujeng2 and I Nyoman Selamat1
-1Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha, Bali, Indonesia
-2Yogyakarta State University, Indonesia


Science learning provides an opportunity for student to improve their attitude. The cultivation of attitude is important in the development of the learners since it is associated with the development of self and society, personal and family. This study aims to reveal the feasibility science teaching tools 5E model and improving the attitude of healthy lifestyle using teaching tools 5E model. The tools are lesson plan, science worksheet, and assessment in the form of questionnaire for healthy life attitude. For improving the attitude of healthy life using teaching tools 5E model, we use quasy experiment with one experiment and one control groups. Pre-score and post-score data were obtained through a questionnaire of healthy life attitudes given before and at the end of the learning process. The obtained data is further analyzed to obtain gain score, where it showed healthy life attitude of experimental class i.e. 0.33 is higher than that control class i.e. 0.16. The results include the validation of teaching tools 5E model based on expert, science teacher, and student in preliminary field testing. Feasibility result for measuring healthy life using questioner achieved 86.8% which is in good category. The validation result show that, this science learning media using 5E model are feasible using in science class.


Teaching tools; 5E model; Healthy; Lifestyle


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