[ 30 Apr 2021 | vol. 10 | no. 1 | pp. 1-10 ]

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Ju-kyoung Kim
-Kookmin University, Seoul, Korea


In this study, the latent profile and change patterns of the core competencies of university students were identified, and a predictive effect analysis was performed. Furthermore, the core competencies were determined with the participation of 983 students from University K from April 12 to 16, 2021. The results of this diagnosis on the core competencies, communication competency averaged 3.99 points, followed by creativity competency 3.96, humanities competency 3.85, professionalism competency 3.84, and globalization competency 3.58. Through the analysis of the latent profile, three latent groups were classified. These classified latent groups were named upper, median, and subgroups, respectively, taking into account the characteristics and the effects of gender, grade, and major that determine the number of latent profiles. The main analysis results were as follows. When the upper group was set as the reference group, the student’s gender and major were significant factors in the comparison between the groups. When comparing the upper group and the middle group, the probability of belonging to the middle group was high when the gender was female and the major was science and engineering. Finally, as a result of examining the level of academic achievement by latent profile according to the aspect of core competencies, it was confirmed that the higher the level of core competencies, the higher the level of academic achievement. This study is meaningful in that it analyzes the influencing factors on the core competencies pursued by universities for nurturing future talent. It also comprehensively analyzes the relationship between the core competencies and academic achievement. -->


Latent Profile Analysis, LPA, University Student, Core Competencies


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