[ 30 Nov 2020 | vol. 11 | pp. 9-18]

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Atif Saeed1*, M. Rafay Shahzad2, Hina Kooharo2, Umme Hamna2 and Abdul Basit Aftab3
-1,2,3Department of Mechatronics Engineering, SZABIST, Karachi


Generation of energy is the most research topic nowadays many of investors are funding in energy production projects because energy has become basic need of our lifestyle. Conventional methods to produce energy is to burn natural resources but due to drastic usage their preservatives in coming years will be shorten and also this method is hazardous to environment, so this method isn’t efficient to produce energy lifelong. Renewable energy is an alternative way of generating energy without usage of natural resources. Renewable resources are naturally replenished on a human timescale hence no harmful gases or waste material is produced. It is based on the concept of clean and free energy. Since there are number of ways that renewable energy can be made cheaper than the conventional method. This research paper serves the purpose of providing free or cheap electricity by means of renewable energy using flywheel generator. Flywheel generator provides cheap energy as it is portable and doesn’t require high amount of investment.


Flywheel, Renewable Energy, Affordable and Clean Energy, Climate Action, Responsible Consumption and Production, Free Energy


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