Published 31 Mar 2020 •  vol 13  •  no 3  • 



Farouk Zouari, Unité de recherche LARA automatique, Ecole Nationale d'Ingénieurs de Tunis (ENIT), BP. 37, le Belvédère, 1002 Tunis, Tunisia



We study the complexity of global adaptive stabilization for feedback nonlinear complex multivariable systems with nonlinear parameterization. The global adaptive stabilization systems may be performed by switching nonlinear controllers. In this paper, we present also that the global adaptive stabilization can also be obtained by switching linear controllers. From the study of the implemented, the linear regulator exhibits clear advantages. Two steps are needed to realize our global adaptive stabilizer. First, we construct a linear stabilizer with unknown gains. Second, we determine a set of coherent switching updating online gains in a switching configuration. The proposed control has two advantages. The first advantage is that all closed-loop states are bounded regardless of the initial conditions. The second advantage is that the asymptotic regulation is realized.



Multivariable Complex Nonlinear Systems, Linear Stabilizer, Linear Controllers, Nonlinear Controllers, Adaptive Control, Global Adaptive Stabilizer



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