Published 30 Jun 2019 •  vol 12  •  no 6  • 



Manisha M. Kasar, BharatiVidyapeeth Deemed to be University College of Engineering,India
S.H. Patil, BharatiVidyapeeth Deemed to be University College of Engineering, India
Debnath Bhattacharyya, Vignan’s Institute of Information Technology, India
Jason Levy, University of Hawaii, Hawaii, USA



The paper presents a review of proposed face detection techniques. Face Detection using captured face pictures still a complicated task in the area of image processing, and presently it's an operative area of analysis. Automatic face detection is a critical process in face recognition, facial expression recognition. Using an ineffective algorithm, there will be a negative impact on the performance of face detection and face recognition. The face detection technique is not only a step in face recognition technique; however, it is also a self-sufficient widely-used technique. Developing a sustainable feature for face detection technique is necessary. Face detection has attracted massive attention as a result of its several demands in computer vision, pattern recognition, and Biometrics. Face detection may be a technique to analyze a face from several images that have many features in that image. The face detection process is necessary for facial emotion recognition, movement of the face, and posture assessment. Face detection may be a difficult task as a result of looks don't seem to be clear, and it may modify the length, height, width, appearance, tone, etc. Face detection becomes an additional difficult process whereas inputted image not visible and hidden by some various factors and not at all correct light conditions, etc. The suggested technique should be capable of analyzing the facial region including high accuracy, efficiency, and minimum errors.



Face detection, face recognition, facial expression recognition, image processing



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