Published 31 May 2019 •  vol 12  •  no 5  • 



Venkatesh P, EEE, JNTUA University, India
N. Visali, EEE, JNTUA University, India



In present scenario, the power system is becoming extensive and more multifaceted. It is important to predict the line flows and bus voltages for dissimilar operating circumstances and network topologies of a power system. Failure of any equipment’s during its operation harms the reliability of the system, hence leading to outages. Cascading outages can have a catastrophic influence on power system security. Ensuring the safe and reliable operation of a power system requires assessing both the static and the dynamic operations of the power system. Transmission switching is conveyed as an optimization problem to regulate the most influential lines as candidates for the interruption. The off line analysis to predict the effect of individual incident is a tedious task as a power system contains a large number of components. A detailed security assessment is essential to deal with the possible failures in the system, its consequences and its remedial actions. The proposed method has been tested on IEEE39 bus system with various loading and outage conditions using the Mi - Power.



Static and dynamic operations, cascading outages, reliability, Transmission Switching, Mi-Power



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