[ 30 Nov 2019 | vol. 12 | no.11 | pp. 1-10]

About Authors:

Amar Jukuntla1, Venkatesulu D2
-1Department of CSE, VFSTR, India
-2Department of CSE, VFSTR, India


A large number of Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) devices are used to monitor the data from the environment and many applications such as disaster management, monitoring, military, healthcare and security etc. are used to monitor the environment. In these networks sensor nodes transmission rate is high and it leads to limit the battery power. This causes network redundancy and network life time will not be prolonged. In this paper, this can be addressed by using with the help of agents. Here, agents are used to collect data from the cluster head instead of forwarding directly to the mobile sink. When data collection is done, agents will transmit data to the mobile sink. This may reduce energy consumption and prolongs the network life in WSNs. Along with agents, existing techniques are also presented in this paper with comparative study.


Agents, Mobile Sink, power constraints, life time, energy efficiency


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