Published 31 Dec 2019 •  vol 133  • 



Rashmi N, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, BMS Institute of Technology and Management, India
Mrinal Sarvagya, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Reva university India



OFDM system loses the orthogonality between subcarriers due to carrier frequency offset resulting in inter-carrier interference (ICI) in the OFDM system. CFO impedes the performance of the demodulation process in baseband receiver increasing BER in the OFDM system. In the proposed scheme, the estimation of CFO is performed using the Extended Kalman filter (EKF) and sigma pointed Kalman filter (SPKF) on the SCM-OFDM system. The simulation results show that the estimation using SPKF can achieve better results than other variants of the Kalman filter. The proposed system improves the BER performance of the OFDM system. Further, it is shown that SPKF outperforms than of EKF.



Carrier Frequency Offset, OFDM, Superposition Coded Modulation, Sigma pointed Kalman filter



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