[ 31 Mar 2019 | vol. 13 | no. 1 | pp. 1-10 ]

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Ch Sudhakar1, N. Thirupathi Rao1 and Debnath Bhattacharyya1
-1Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Vignan’s Institute of Information Technology (A), Visakhapatnam, AP, India


The vision of the people gives an opportunity to see the surrounding of a human being and the surrounded world around the human being. Till today, the people who lost their vision due to several reasons are struggling to get a useful device or an article such that to help them in their day to day life. If we get success in preparing such a device can help them a lot in their lives. In the current article, we developed a cheap, friendly and operation simple tool that can benefit both the users like visually challenged and the impaired people such that they can use in their life. This device helps such people to use this device by having a wearable device like the wearable head cap and hand stick such that the impaired people can walk on the roads without the help of any other persons or other persons support. The blind people can walk of their own, and the device will guide the person to maintain some distance from the objects that were present on the way of the blind people on which they are going. The principal part of this framework is the ultrasonic sensor which is utilized to examine a foreordained territory around daze by transmitting reflecting waves. The reflected signs got from the boundary objects are being used as contributions to Arduino Uno microcontroller. The microcontrollers carry out the issued commands and then convey the obstacle message to the user through headphones. So, by listening to the authorities by microcontroller, the blind can walk safely on roads.


Arduino Microcontroller, Ultrasonic sensor, IoT


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